September 2018  
Chip Dunn Dinner Meeting Help  
CDunn20842@aol.com Food Preparation, Set-up, Clean-up
1pm Set-up Start Time
  Food Preparation, Set-up, Clean-up
1pm Set-up Start Time
  Food Preparation, Set-up, Clean-up
1pm Set-up Start Time
  Food Preparation, Set-up, Clean-up
1pm Set-up Start Time
Tucker Mostrom Chapterhouse Clean Up Generally alternates between the
Saturday & Sunday preceding
the above Membership Meetings
Chapterhouse.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Chapter House Clean Up
9am Saturday
09/15/2018 (Sat)
  Chapter House Clean Up
9am Sunday
10/14/2018 (Sun)
  Chapter House Clean Up
9am Saturday
11/17/2018 (Sat)
  Chapter House Clean Up
9am Saturday
12/15/2018 (Sat)
Andy Wight Poolesvile Day Display 09/15/2018
ConservationEd.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help the B-CC IWLA promote our chapter  and educate the Poolesville community about our IWLA mission
10 AM to 4 PM

Variable Hoours
(Contact Andy for Details)

Jeff Seaman
Chapter 1st Vice President
Fall Cleanup Day  
Jeff_Seaman@hotmail.com Members and Committee Chairs please contact Jeff to reserve equipment, request crew members, and/or volunteer specific skills/ equipment

Breakfast Meeting: 7:30am
Cleanup: 8:30am - 1pm
Lunch: 1:30pm
Cleanup: 1pm - 4pm

Carol Hulce-Efdimis Chapterhouse Holiday Decorating 12/01/2018
Carol2017@aol.com Members are needed to erect the tree, decorate, hang lights inside and out 10am - 2pm
Carol Hulce-Efdimis Holiday Party 12/08/2018
Carol2017@aol.com Help your fellow Chapter members set-up for the party 2pm - 4pm
Andy Wight Conservation Speakers Dinner 01/27/2018
ConservationEd.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help your fellow Chapter members set-up and clean-up for the dinner 4pm - 10pm
Shannon Novak Wild Game Dinner 02/24/2018
Events.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help your fellow Chapter members set-up and clean-up for the potluck dinner 5pm - 10pm
Phil Taylor Farm & Equipment Maintenance  
Farm.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help Phil plan, maintaine, and improve the B-CC IWLA's 80+ acres under cultivation Contact Phil for Details
Rex Gori B-CC IWLA Junior Eagles Rifle Club 1pm on select Saturdays
Beginning in Oct. 2018
Contact Rex for Details
  Help Rex teach kids markmanship & range safety  
Joe Snider Forestry Committee  
Forestry.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help Joe Snider implement the post-tree-planing phases of the chapter's forestry management plan Contact Joe for details
Don Perino Wildflower Planting  
DPerino@verizon.net Help Don plant wildflowers behind the log cabin Contact Don for Details
Jim Tate Monitor Bird Feeders  
Wildlife.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help Jim (Tate) , Larry (Anderson), & Diane monitor the Bird Feeders & Boxes Contact the Wildlife Committee for Details
B-CC IWLA Media Admin's Chapter Web Site / Email / Wi-Fi  
Media.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help the chapter Corresponding Secretary manage the ever-increasing flow of electronic communication in from & out to the membership Contact the Media Committee
George Coakley Facilities Strategic Planning Group  
CoakleyGandC@aol.com Join George in creating a Master Plan to plan the evolution & maintenance of chapter facilities Contact George for Details
Brian King Nature Trail Maintenance  
Trails.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help remove the vegetation growth and deadfall on the trails Contact Brian King for Details
John Robinson Adopt-a-Road 12/08/2017
RobinsonJP@state.gov Join the Adopt-a-Road crew to clean up West Willard Road Meet at 8am at the Chapterhouse
Larry Anderson eMammal Camera Traps  
Wildlife.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help Larry amd Jim Tate cooperate with the Smithsonian in monitoring the farm's mammals Ongoing
Larry Anderson Greenhouse Project  
Wildlife.BCC.IWLA@gmail.com Help Larry get the new greenhouse up and running Ongoing
Jack Mandel Maintain Log Cabin  
JMandelDesign@gmail.com Help the chapter reinvigorate the restoration & maintenance of our chapter's historic 19th-century cabin Contact chapter President, Jack Mandel, for Details