February 2016  
Scott Harmon Conservation Education Leader  
scott.w.harmon@verizon.net Lead the Chapter's Conservation Education program Ongoing
Aaron Smith Chapter House Clean Up  
asmith@disaterdemonsemg.com Chapter House Clean Up - 9:00 - Saturday 2/13/2016
  Chapter House Clean Up - 9:00 - Sunday 3/13/2016
  Chapter House Clean Up - 9:00 - Saturday 4/16/2016
Chip Dunn Dinner Meeting Help  
cdunn20842@aol.com Food Preparation & Room Set-up - 1PM Start Time 2/17/2015
  Food Preparation & Room Set-up - 1PM Start Time 3/16/2016
  Food Preparation & Room Set-up - 1PM Start Time 4/20/2016
John Lamb Hunter Safety Course  
jpatricklamb@aol.com Help John run the course - 8 AM to 3 PM 4/30-5/1/2015
Jim Tate Monitor Bird Feeders  
jim@tate-tate.us Help Jim monitor the Bird Feeders Ongoing
Tucker Mostrom Wild Game Dinner  
tucker.mostrom@gmail.com Help with the Dinner 2/27/2016
Tom Shiner Zero-Energy Facilities Planning Group  
tss@mandlf.com Join Tom in creating a Master Plan to reduce the farm's future energy use Ongoing
John Lamb Nature Trail Maintenance  
jpatricklamb@aol.com Help remove the vegetation growth on the trails Ongoing
John Robinson Adopt-a-Road  
RobinsonJP@state.gov Join the Adopt-a-Road events  
  Meet at 8:00AM at Chapter House 3/12/2016
Tucker Mostrom Event Committee  
tucker.mostrom@gmail.com Help plan & execute Kitchen Operations for Chapter Events (Weekend Events) Ongoing
Larry Anderson eMammal Camera Traps  
andupton9@hotmail.com Help Larry amd Jim Tate cooperate with the Smithsonian in monitoring the farm's mammals Ongoing
Butch Mezick  Weed Control  
b.mezick@verizon.net Help Butch control weeds in trees rows in fields B1, B4, B5, and C3 and Autumn Olive control in fields A3 and A4 Ongoing
Larry Anderson Greenhouse Project  
andupton9@hotmail.com Help Larry get the new greenhouse up and running Ongoing
Scott Harmon Smoke House and Well House Restoration  
scott.w.harmon@verizon.net The Chapter needs a leader to plan work on the restoration  Ongoing