Chapter Committees

Volunteer leadership is the core of our chapter's strength. Building committees under every chair is the responsibility of each chairperson and supporting every committee chair is the responsibility of the chapter Board of Governors.
We, as a chapter, sustain our drive, ensure our continuity of effort, and protect our legacy by encouraging our membership to get involved at the committee level. Broad participation breeds new ideas. We take the "many hands make light work" theory a step further as accomplishing chapter tasks with work parties turns "work" into something more like "parties." At the committee level, chairs who share responsibilities with committee members enjoy better retention among their ranks and build-in automatic contingency plans if any key committee-members encounter outside issues in the short or long terms.
Contact the chair of any committees below that your feel you might want to become a part of.
Get Involved. Get Active. Put the "I" in IWLA !!!
Committee Position Committee Member Telephone E-Mail
Rural Legacy Foundation      
  Chair Mark Shanker (301) 767-9505
  Vice Chair Kevin King (240) 876-0777
  Treasure Byron Ricketts (301) 654-5911
  Secretary Ernie Smith (301) 231-7240
  Member Ted Whitehouse (301) 520-3070
  Member Pat Tarquinio (301) 217-9078
  Member Jim O'Connell (202) 362-0041
Advance Planning & Finance      
  President (Chair) Jim Tate (202) 841-2056
  Treasurer Bill Sherrill (240) 418-6848
  1st Vice President Jack Mandel (301) 229-9321
  2nd Vice President Jeff Seaman (301) 775-4973
  Constitution,  By-Laws & Parliamentarian Robert Pavlick (301) 349-5892
  Past President Carol Hulce-Efdimis (301) 407-0025
Membership Committee      
  Membership Secretary R. Tucker Mostrom
Operations & Conservation      
  1st Vice President (Chair) (301) 775-4973
      Calendar Submissions 1st Vice President, et al
  Chapterhouse Committee Tucker Mostrom (301) 252-8825
  Security Lonnie Coates (301) 428-3298
  Food - Dinner Committee Chip Dunn (240) 888-0016
  Special Event Food Service R. Tucker Mostrom (301) 252-8825
  Farm Phil Taylor (301) 217-9078
  Wildlife Management Larry Anderson (301) 942-1384
  Wildlife Counts Larry Anderson (301) 942-1384
  Ponds and Streams John Novak
  Trails John Lamb (301) 642-2731
  Wildlfower Meadows Don Perino (301) 990-3620
  Grounds and Roads Pat Tarquinio (301) 217-9078
  Vegetable Gardens Pat Tarquinio / Larry Anderson
  Christmas Trees Larry Anderson (301) 942-1384
Recreation Committee      
  2nd Vice President (Chair) Jeff Seaman (301) 775-4973
  Shotgun Range Warner Parks (301) 540-1947
  Rifle & Pistol Range Thoran Menser (301) 972-8353
  Archery Range David Drazen (301) 655-8459
  Summer Biathlon Steve Eschholz (240) 472-6512
  Campgrounds Jack Kang

  Christmas Party Carol Hulce-Efdimis (301) 407-0025
  Fathers Day Family Picnic Carol Hulce-Efdimis (301) 407-0025
  Father's Day Family Picnic Auction Lawrence Kotchek (240) 793-5316
  Wild Game Dinner Chapter Events Committee
Public Relations      
  Corresponding Secretary (Chair) Tom Lamkin (301) 330-2922
      Newsletter Submissions Corresponding Secretary, et al
  Conservation Education Andy Wight (240) 205-3982
  Media Outreach Jim Hubbard (301) 926-8076
  Global Ecology Program PHS George Coakley (301) 972-8865

Hunter Education

John Lamb (301) 642-2731
  Junior Rifle Team Rex Gori (301) 946-6530
  Legislative Affairs Jim Hubbard (301) 926-8076
  Public Relations Jim Hubbard (301) 926-8076
  Scout Liaison Rob Parker
  Scout Projects Rob Parker
  Dinner Meeting Speakers President & BOG    
  State Division IWLA Bill Gordon (301) 460-4462
  National IWLA Shawn Gallagher President  
  Memorials Tom Lamkin (301) 330-2922
Ad Hoc Committees      
  Chapter Awards Chapter President   (See Board of Governors)
  Environmental Stewardship BOG    
  Water Quality Monitoring George Coakley (301) 972-8865



Hunter Ethics & Oversight

Scott Harmon

(301) 467-0645

  Log Cabin Restoration Don Perino (301) 990-3620
  Chapter Web Site ( Tucker Mostrom (301) 517-1292
  Volunteer Opportunities William Brockman (301) 652-3978
  Service Members Days Bob Hendel (301) 990-0491
  Volunteer Hours Coordinator Membership Secretary
  Archeology Don Perino (301) 990-3620
  Chapter Photography and Video Gary Jones (301) 412-0382