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Wild Game Dinner this Saturday !!

Wild Game Dinner Starts Saturday the 23rd @ 6pm


Come Celebrate the Hunt on Saturday the 23rd!!!
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WEATHER UPDATE: The inclement weather that postponed the dinner meeting from the 20th to the 27th has NOT affected the Wild Game Dinner. The bar opens at 6pm this Saturday, February 23rd
Your Continued Help is Needed: In years past, members have submitted their hunting & trophy photos to the chapter for a slideshow to be shown at the annual Wild Game Dinner
It's too late to get new pictures into this year's presentation, but please submit your hunting photos throughout the year, including a backstory if you like, to Scott Harmon at the email address below. Scott is the B-CC IWLA HE&O Committee Chair, and he will be compiling slides for an ongoing ever-evolving chapter hunting-photo montage
The chapter is building onto this presentation perennially, for the website, a screen-saver at the chapterhouse, other presentations, etc., so don't be afraid to submit pictures whenever you make / find them
Don't limit the scope of your content to traditional post-hunt photos. Hunting groups, pictures during the hunt, and even wildlife images that you captured out in the field would be most welcome!
The B-CC IWLA will be hosting its Annual Wild Game Dinner at the chapterhouse this Saturday evening, February 23rd, at 6pm. Members & their guests are invited to bring a game dish, an entrée, a side dish, salad, or dessert to share with their fellow Ikes. The chapter will add a few goodies to get the ball rolling. A number of door prizes will be lined up as an added treat for the end of the evening.
Doors open @ 6pm this Saturday, February 23rd
There will be appetizers, ice, & mixers for cocktails, as well as such cheer as the chapter has gathered from previous donations. Don't hesitate to bring a "cheerful" donation with you for the dinner. Bartenders will be on hand to help you enjoy any of these and to keep track of anything "special" you might bring for yourself. Appetizers will be on the bar to help start the evening right!
The dinner line usually forms by 7pm. The food tables will be wired with power strips to accommodate your warmers, hot plates, crock pots, etc. Event volunteers can also help you with last-minute kitchen needs.
Volunteers for setup & hosting should arrive at the chapterhouse by 4pm. Anyone who would like to volunteer for the evening should contact the event host, Tucker Mostrom (, as soon as possible.
Come out for a great evening at the chapter as we celebrate the hunt!
Tucker Mostrom
2019 B-CC IWLA Wild Game Dinner Host
Chapter Event Committee Chair
Submit Slideshow content to:
Scott Harmon
B-CC IWLA Hunting Ethics & Oversight Committee Chair
* - Submitting photographs, stories, or other content to the chapter for the Wild Game Dinner or other occasions shall, unless otherwise expressed in writing by the chapter, constitute a release for the chapter to publish this submitted content in any manner deemed fit. That said, the chapter will make every effort to respect the wishes of all pictured, mentioned, referenced, etc. in any content it considers for publication for any reason in any medium