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What to do with Found Treasure ???

Archaeological Artifacts Policy


Archaeological Artifacts Policy

How should We Handle any Bits of History that you Find on the B-CC IWLA Farm ???

Heritage protection is an essential element in the affirmation of our identity, and a source of inspiration and knowledge

B-CC IWLA takes great pride in safeguarding and managing historic and archaeological resources discovered on our property

The B-CC Conservation Farm has been the host to human activity for millenia. In addition to the remnants of two abandoned farms and civil war activity, we have unearthed evidence of prehistoric activity within our current borders

To properly handle discovered items, please follow the guidelines below:

- Any manmade artifact discovered on the property; be it old bottles or pottery, civil war artifacts, arrow or spear heads, remains the property of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chapter of IWLA
- Any object that looks to be historic or pre-historic is best left undisturbed
   o - Please simply mark the spot
   o - Please note where you found the object, preferably with its GPS coordinates.
   o - Notify:
      * - The chapter Archaeology Committee chair
      * - a member of the chapter Archaeology Committee
      * - A chapter Board officer / member
   o - Look forward to helping the chapter locate your find, so that experienced historians can work with you to curate your find properly

Thank you for your cooperative efforts in preserving the history on our conservation farm

B-CC IWLA Board of Governors &
   B-CC IWLA Chapter Archaeology Committee Chair