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Chapterhouse Cleanup this Sunday !!

Chapterhouse Cleanup is Sunday, Oct. 14th, @ 9am


Get 3 Volunteer Hours & Help get the Chapterhouse in Order !!!


cold outsideI will be there early to make coffee at 8:30am
Bring your own mug (BYOM) !!!


Sweep BroomSaturday, October 15th @ 9am, the chapterhouse will be closed in the morning for its monthly cleaning & dusting just in time for the following Wednesday's dinner meeting. Those who want to help the chapter put on its freshest face for the next month, especially those who need work hours, have a golden opportunity just a few days away.

Bring your "favorite" cleaning gloves and comfortable clothes for some mopping, dusting, cleaning, & dusting.


This time of year, we need to take a deep-dive into the interior of the chapterhouse, given all the rain & mud we have had lately

One of the chapter's senior members will be there to unlock the front gate & open the chapterhouse Cleaning suppliesfor prospective members who don't have their own access yet. Please call 301.252.8825 if you find yourself stranded at the gate
The telephone # for the chapterhouse itself is: 301.972.8913

Members who stay for the entire cleanup get three hours toward their annual work requirement. This can be adjusted (up-only) at the discretion of the Membership Secretary and/or the member hosting the cleanup
Tasks generally include:
- Dust-Mopping the chapterhouse floor
- Waxing & buffing the Boardroom floor
- "Swiffer-ing" the ceiling fan blades
- Dusting structural beams in chapterhouse main room
- Dusting the punched-tin chandeliers
- Cleaning both bathrooms top-to-bottom
   - Cleaning urinals & toilets
   - Cleaning sinks & shower stall
   - Cleaning mirrors (polish w/ dry towel)
   - Refilling hand-soap dispensers
   - Restocking hand towels & toilet paper
   - emptying trash cans / replacing liners
   - Mopping bathroom floors, hallway, & member kitchen
- Wiping down surfaces in chapter kitchen & member kitchen
- Cleaning all kitchen sinks & sink trap
- Cleaning & organizing bar sink, bar top, & bar area
- Mopping kitchens, bar, bathrooms, entry and in front of bar
- Dusting window frame, mantels, and BOG room
- Cleaning chapterhouse windows inside & out
- Replace chapter HVAC filters (20x25)
- Check / Replace water filter in utility closet
- Replace light bulbs, inside & out
- Polishing the BOG room floor
- Sweeping the front, back, & side porches
- Cleaning & drying dog-water bowls
- In cold weather we usually clean out the 2 fireboxes
- In warm weather, we also attack the chairs, tables, & concrete on the porches
Please help wrap up the cleanup by policing cloths, cleaning products, brooms, mops, and unlocked doors - your extra effort is greatly appreciated by the cleanup hosts!


Window CleaningDon't let this list daunt you !!!!
With a good crew, we have finished this list well before noon.

We hope to see you there @ 9am!
(There is usually a pot of hot coffee by start time ...
             bring your travel/work mug)

B-CC IWLA Chapterhouse Committee