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B-CC IWLA Tour for New, Old, & Prospective Members

1 - 2 Hour Walking Tour around the Chapterhouse, Ranges, & Farm


Guided Walking-Tour of the B-CC IWLA Chapterhouse
and Nearby Areas on the Farm
  1. Have you recently joined the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chapter of the IWLA (B-CC IWLA) ???
  2. Are you a longtime member who wants to get reacquainted with the chapter?
  3. Do you have friends or family whom you think might like to see opur farm?
  4. Are you interested in joining the B-CC IWLA?
Come out to the B-CC IWLA "Doc Holton" Conservation Farm TOMORROW the 27th of July before 10am !!!
Join our walking tour of:
  • The B-CC IWLA chapterhouse
  • Our bee hives
  • Our Monarch way-stations
  • Our "small pond" & historic cabin
  • Our Rifle-Pistol Range
  • Our Shotgun Range, including the newly paved skeet & trap fields
  • Our Big Pond ... if you're up to the 1/2 mile hike
We will wrap the tour by 1-2pm at the latest, but participants who have to leave earlier are never very far from their parked cars
*** Everyone on the tour should wear insect-resistant clothing & have bug repellent at the ready ***
Participants will be briefed with maps on elements of the conservation farm that are not covered by the tour such as our campground, our trails, our relatively-new "Northeast Woods", our shale barrens, the "mineshaft," ... it's a long list
The front gate will stay open from 9:30am until at least 10:15am. Entrance to the gate requires an electronic access card outside this time window. Tour participants must park in the main parking lot in front of the chapterhouse and join the tour inside
We will begin with a quick tour of the chapterhouse itself and a brief history of the chapter overall. A five-minute stroll down to the front gate will take us past the historic cabin, its outbuildings, and the adjacent "small pond." We will stop at the beehives along the driveway, where participants can see milkweed way-stations for Monarch butterflies and several other elements of the farm
We will then retrace our steps to check out the Rifle-Pistol Range and continue past the chapterhouse to the Shotgun Range. Those who wish to see the Big Pond will hike less than 1/2 mile of trail roundtrip to their destination. We will have a brief chat about what's in the pond and how to catch (& release) it
The tour crisscrosses in front of the chapterhouse several times, so there is ample opportunity for tour participants to access their vehicles or the chapterhouse (restrooms). Stragglers can join the tour in progress easily from the chapterhouse parking lot
Come out tomorrow (Saturday) to join the fun!
Committee chairs & committee members please consider joining us to give the participants the benefit of your insight into your committees' efforts to maintain & improve the chapter
See you BEFORE 10:00am this Saturday !!
R. Tucker Mostrom
Membership Secretary
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chapter of the IWLA