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A Bridge Too Far ???

What do you think about another Potomac River bridge ???


Developers in Northern Virginia are trying once again to spawn enthusiasm for building a new bridge across the Potomac River between Point of Rocks and the American Legion Bridge. The B-CC IWLA chapter wants its members to consider contacting their elected representatives, appointees, and prominent figures in the DC Metro community to ask questions, find answers, and express their opiniions.

There is little to support in the effort to builda new crossing from a conservation perspective: slicing up the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve, bringing in more traffic, upscaling existing roads to handle interstate traffic, etc. but the chapter encourages members to express their own opinions. Jim Hubbard, our chapter's Legislative chair, presented this issue and took questions from the attendees at July's membership dinner meeting. Questions like the following are representative of answers that authorities need to provide before they consider planning a new crossing:

- Who will actualy benefit from this crossing?
- How will a new crossing affect traffic on Rt. 270?
- How will a new crossing affect quality of life in upper Montgomery County, Clarksburg, Frederick?
- How will a new crossing affect Maryland's only airport ... BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport
- How much commercial traffic will cross this bridge in addition to commuters?
- Who will benefit from any tolls for the bridge?
- Who are the forces pushing for the bridge and against it?

We have appended a sample email that you can look over as a template should you decide to investigate this issue and/or express your opinions. Using your own words and asking the questios most important to you are always the best use of your time, but getting involved at any level is crucial.


One suggested Email Template:


Dear Members of the Transportation Planning Board, 

I encourage the Transportation Planning Board not to approve further study of the Additional Northern Bridge Crossing/Corridor project. This project would be a waste of resources, degrade Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve, induce sprawl and lead to more carbon emissions.  I ask the Transportation Planning Board to continue working toward real transportation solutions for our region, not expensive and unrealistic projects that only serve to create tension instead of fostering cooperation. 


(Your Name)

Send your email to: