The Path to B-CC IWLA Membership

How do you become a member?

  1. Download the MS-Excel "Application for New Membership"
  2. Fill out a membership application (minus the signatureds & initials) form completely in MS Excel
  3. Save the completed application form to your computer & email a copy to the chapter Membership Secretary (before you come to your first dinner meeting, if at all possible) at:
  4. Print out the completed form (for sponsors, signatures, and initials)
  5. Bring your printed form to your first dinner meeting (always the 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 6:30pm ... menus are in the monthly newletters, which you can access from the home page)
    1. Get the signatures from sponsoring members (plenty at the meetings)
    2. Get Initials verifying your attendance
    3. Submit the sponsored application to the Membership Secretary
    4. Approach the Membership Secretary at your 2nd dinner meeting to get your application initialed for attendance
  6. After second dinner meeting, your completed, signed, sponsored, & initialed application will be taken by the Membership Secretary to the chapter Board of Governors fopr approval the following week

Upon approval of your application by the Board of Governors, you will be called to attend a third dinner meeting where you will be sworn in, you will pay the appropriate fees, and you will then be a probationary member for one year.

After one year, a probationary member shall become a regular member if the member has been compliant with all the provisions of the by-laws and has performed the requirement of two work days or 16 volunteer hours.

All memberships run from January to December of a single calendar year.


For additional information, please contact our Membership Secretary email at: