Become a Member of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chapter of the IWLA

What does membership mean?

Membership in this chapter grants you access to 1000+ members whose interests match your own

  • Love & appreciatioon for the outdoors
  • Desire to protect the outdoors through wise stewardship
  • Willingness to work toward those solutions with like-minded individuals
  • Read more about our history, mission, and core values under "Our Chapter" on our chapter website

Who can become a member of this chapter?

Membership in this chapter shall be confined to persons of good reputation:

  • Who subscribe to the objectives of this organization
  • Who agree to abide by its rules and regulations
  • Who are sponsored by two (2) chapter members
  • Who are approved by the chapter Board of Governors

What are the benefits of B-CC IWLA membership?

Membership in this chapter comes with:

  • 623 beautiful acres of woods, fields, trails, gardens, and facilities in the MoCo Agricultural Reserve that we call the B-CC IWLA "Doc Holton" Conservation Farm
  • Two ponds with native species for catch & release
    • Smallmoth bass
    • Bluegill
    • A plethora of baitfish & smaller species
    • Invertebrates galore
    • As of 1 June 2017, the "small pond" (by the chapterhouse) is in a restocking phase and not fish-able
  • A rustic chapterhouse to
    • Bring your family and your friends (as guests)
    • Meet with your fellow members
    • Enjoy being "far away" from civilization with modern comforts
  • Access to the chapter ranges as prescribed by the range committees (archery, shotgun, rifle & pistol)
  • Garden plots (as available) for your personal victory garden
  • Outdoor grills, firepit, and picnic tables
  • Exposure to diverse and learned opinions of the many B-CC IWLA membership who have dedicated much of time, even their lives to the outdoors and the chapter
  • Read more about our conservation farm uner "Facilities & Grounds" and "Activities" on our chapter website


Access our chapter resources online. See what's going on out here on the conservation farm. Learnn about what our members and our committees are up to.


If you are considering joining the B-CC IWLA, here is some more guidance to help get you there ...

The Path to B-CC IWLA Membership

New-Member Fees

New Membership Fee Schedules

Renewing Your Membership