B-CC IWLA Conservation Farm Guide Book

Member-volunteers from the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, in a multi-year effort, have compiled the Conservation Farm Guide Book that details the flora, fauna, habitats, and environments on our 623-acre conservation farm.

Below, the sections of the book are listed in the order that they appear in the printed book.

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B-CC IWLA Conservation Farm Guide Book

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Conservation Guide Book by Sections:

(Revised December 2014)


BCC - IWLA History
    TAB - History Cover Page Cover Page
        Who We Are
            Our Chapter History (pp 1-6)
            Our Core Beliefs & Values (pp 7-8)
            Our Chapter Chronology (p 9)

Facilities & Activities
    TAB - Facilities Cover Page
        Facilities (pp 1-5)
        Activities (pp 6-10)

    TAB - Trails Cover Page
        Trails Table of Contents
        Trail Guide Introduction (pp 1-2)
        Nature Trail (pp 3-6)
        A - B Trail (pp 7-11)
        C - D Trail Clearings Loop (pp 12-18)
        West Woods Well Loop (pp 19-23)
        Boy Scout Woods Trail (pp 24-28)
        NE Woods Trail (pp 29-34)

    TAB - Habitat Cover Page
        Wildlife Habitat (pp 1-5)

    TAB - Woodlands Cover Page  (p 6)
        Woodlands (pp 7-31)
    TAB - Ponds & Streams Cover Page (p 32)
        Ponds & Streams (pp 33-38)
    TAB - Open Spaces and Fields Cover Page (p 39)
        Open Spaces and Fields (pp 40-47)

    TAB - Wildlife Cover Page

        Whitetail Deer (pp 1-8)
        Eastern Wild Turkey (pp 9-13)
        Cottontail Rabbit (p 14)
        Squirrels (pp 15-18)
        Mourning Dove (pp 19-20)
    TAB - Predators
        Predators (pp 1-11)
    TAB - Amphibians
        Amphibians  (pp 1-4)
    TAB - Birds
        Birds (pp 1-19)

    TAB - Wildflowers Cover Page
        Common Wildflowers (pp 1-7)
        Uncommon Wildflowers (pp 8-11)
        Rare and Endangered Plants List (p 12)
        Farm Plants List (pp 13-16)
    TAB - Invasive Plants
        Invasive Alien Plants (pp 1-8)


    TAB - Appendices
        B-CC IWLA Organization (pp 1-5)


Dropbox.com link to download entire .pdf file of:

  2014 B-CC IWLA Conservation Farm Guide Book