Rifle and Pistol Range

The committee chair appoints chapter members to serve on the committee. The committee is generally comprised of six to ten chapter members who are certified chapter range officers.

The range is normally opened Saturday and Sunday to chapter members & their escorted guests between the first weekend in April through the last weekend in December and is operated by a team of four or more certified range officers headed by the Executive Range Officer who is appointed by the Range Secretary. Chapter members may become certified range officers by attending a Range Officer Training Course that is scheduled for once a year and announced in the chapter's newsletter. Once certified, a chapter member maintains certification by providing two duty days as a range officer each year. Range Officers who miss one or both days during a year or fail to "Sign Up" for a year must go through the training session to become certified again. There are currently approximately 180 certified range officers.

Range Officer training consists of a major emphasis on safety and common sense, as well as range history, operating procedures and things to watch out for. Range Officer training is offered to Chapter members who have completed their probationary year period.

The Rifle and Pistol Range is open to all Chapter members and their escorted family and guests. It is estimated that 50% to 75% of chapter members utilize the rifle and pistol range at least one time during the year. The range is normally not open to the general public due to size constraints and safety concerns. There are from time to time, days where the range is open to the public for the purpose of hunter qualifications or sight-in days for deer season. These days are generally requested by, and coordinated through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Extra certified range officers as well as DNR personnel are present on these special days and plans include time limits for non chapter member shooters if the volume of shooters demands. The BCC Rifle and Pistol Range has been in operation approximately 30 years without a single firearms related accident or injury.

Rifle and Pistol Range Standard Operating Procedures


R & P Range Notices

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Summer Biathlon Team

Biathlon itself, the Olympic sport that combines the rigors of cross country skiing with the precision of smallbore rifle marksmanship, takes a warm-weather turn with the Summer Biathlon Team. We build endurance by running a course around the conservation farm then practice the self-control & marksmanship in a pulse-pounding course of rifle competition.

Then we do it again ... and again ...

Hold Harmless Agreement (R & P / Shotgun / Archery)

Non-Member Liability Waiver