Archery Range

The B-CC IWLA archery range is open to chapter members & their escorted guests.

Start off warming up with our four fixed bag targets set at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard.

Then head off to a 30 target IBO style 3-D course featuring a wide variety of targets ranging from raccoon to elk and something from the prehistoric age. Your shots will range from 15 to 50 yards in distance with some shots are taken from our elevated platform. 

We have youth archery equipment available for kids to use with instruction from our range officers. This is all free for the KIDS! So come out and join us for some great fun.

For additional information contact the chapter Archery Committee @


2018 Archery Range Schedule


April Sun 4/22/2018 9am-3pm
  Sun 4/29/2018 9am-3pm
May Sun 5/13/2018 9am-3pm
  Sat 5/26/2018 9am-3pm
  Sun 5/27/2018 9am-3pm
June Sun 6/3/2018 9am-3pm
  Sat 6/16/2018 9am-3pm
July Sun 7/1/2018 9am-3pm
  Sat 7/14/2018 9am-3pm
  Sun 7/29/2018 9am-3pm
August Sun 8/11/2018 9am-3pm
  Sun 8/26/2018 9am-12 noon


Hold Harmless Agreement (R & P / Shotgun / Archery)

Non-Member Liability Waiver