Chapterhouse & Grounds


The "new" Chapterhouse

The original Chapter House was destroyed by fire in 1988. The "new" Chapterhouse (right) was rebuilt to look like the original building and was dedicated in 1990. The current building was built on the site of the original Chapterhouse

The landline telephone number for the chapterhouse itself is: 301.972.8913

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The Chapterhouse Picnic Area

The Chapter Picnic Area is located in a grove of majestic oak trees just to the west of the Chapterhouse. The area is equipped with picnic tables, trash cans, and recycle containers. Members are invited to use the area but please remember to recycle and clean-up when finished. All trash & recycling must be taken to the dumpsters at the head of the chapterhouse parking lot. There is also a large brick barbecue-pit area that is covered and is used only for chapter-sponsored functions and only with the express permission of the chair of the chapter's Kitchen Committee.


Directions to Bethesda Chevy-Chase Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America

Directions to B-CC IWLA Chapter from Baltimore, Frederick, Washington DC, Northern VA, Western Montgomery County

Chapterhouse Committee

The Chapterhouse Committee is a standing chapter committee charged with overseeing the cleaning & maintenance of the chapterhouse, the chapterhouse porches & the exterior of the chapterhouse itself. The Chapterhouse Committee shares oversight of the member kitchen area with the Kitchen Committee. The chapter Board of Governors also looks to this committee to provide recommendations for upgrades, updates, or design changes for the chapterhouse and its furnishings, fixtures, and decorations. Volunteers join committee members in primping & polishing the chapter monthly, generally the Saturday or Sunday before the monthly dinner meeting.