Wildlife Management

Fall is here, which besides being the prettiest time of year, also means hunting seasons are opening. I’d like to remind our members of a few responsibilities that go along with the privilege of hunting on our farm.  We follow and adhere to MD-DNR’s hunting regulations which are linked on the Home page of this website under Activities along with the full Chapter rules.  In short, the Chapter rules requier that all hunters must have a valid MD hunting license (and appropriate stamps), they must carry a current B-CC IWLA membership card, and all vehicles must display a current decal. To report poachers or trespassers, pleases call the MD-DNR poacher hotline; 1-800-635-6124, and as suggested by DNR, add this number to your cell phone contact list.  Safety is paramount on our farm and courtesy plays a large part of being safe.

Please be respectful and helpful to fellow members when in the field. On a sad note, DNR has already reported two hunter fatalities this year, both tree-stand accidents. Please know and use your equipment properly, let’s not add to the statistics.  Game (deer in particular) taken on the farm should be recorded either in the logbook at the door to the chapter house, or by sending me an email ( andupton9@hotmail.com). Please include your name, date, species, and which season or weapon was used.  Reporting size, number of antler points and any other pertinent info is also appreciated and will help your wildlife management committee make informed decisions as well as make for good conversation.