Living with Black Bears

Wildlife Management Chairman Larry Anderson advises all BCC-IWLA Members that we do occasionally see black bears on the Conservation Farm property and in our woods. He suggests that you should not approach bears or harm them in any way. The presence of bears on the farm indicates that we have one of hte last robust woodland habitats for these animals remaining in Montogmery County, something we should be proud of.

All BCC-IWLA members should take a look at the Maryland DNR brochure "Living with Black Bears."   Please take a look at this brochure and help us out with garbage, bird pens, and bird feeding station management.  Personal safety comes first.  If you should encounter a bear up close, shout, wave, and slowly back away.  Keep dogs from approaching a bear, and report what you see to the Wildlife Management Committee.  The decision was made to not put the winter bird feeders back up until November so as not to tempt the bears, and to give them a chance to den up for the winter.  

For more information, please contact our Wildlife Chairman, Larry Anderson at 301-942-1384 or by e-mail at