Other Committees

The B-CC IWLA Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America defines its "Standing Committees" in Article XI (11) of the chapter bylaws. Most of the committees below were conceived as "ad hoc" committees, formed by decree of the chapter president and reporting to the president, to meet a temporary need or to test the longevity of interest in the new committee. Some committees below may be added to the standing committees in the bylaws. Some are already standing committees, but access to them on the chapter website will likely remain on this page to keep the pull-down menus on the chapter homepage manageable.

Environmental Stewardship Committee

The B-CC IWLA Chapter, as a provider of potable water (wells), an agricultural endeavor (farming, forestry, wildlife management), and a concerned conservator of the areas around our ranges (lead mitigation), embarked on a water quality testing program over ten years ago. Results to date consistently indicate that most water entering the property via Horsepen Branch and smaller streams leaves the property cleaner and healthier than when it first entered.

Historic Cabin Restoration

The historic cabin located on the edge of the small pond along the driveway from the chapter entrance to the chapterhouse itself was originally built in the 19th century. Tireless chapter volunteers and generous members have, over the past several years, renovated the cabin to much of its original condition. Many of the changes to the cabin that evolved through its several owners have been preserved, capturing a living timeline from its original design up to its current incarnation.

History & Archaeology Committee

The home of the B-CC IWLA chapter, the Doc Holton Conservation Farm, lives in a corner of Montgomery County rich in history that precedes, well, history. Native Americans were drawn to the area over 5,000 years ago by its proximity to the Potomac River, its water, aquatic life, and wetland plants coupled with diverse forests and grassland environments. The farm, including the cabin on the main chapter drive, was built in the 19th century. The founding members of the B-CC IWLA were able to purchase the farm in mid-1949. Several contiguous parcels have been added to the original farm since then, many of which bring their own unique histories into the fold.

Chapter Events Committee

The B-CC IWLA Events Committee works under the Kitchen Committee to provide consistent service & standards in the Chapter Kitchen for events held by other committees. This continuity of kitchen expertise allows other Committee Chairs to plan their events without having to attend to the minutiae of coordinating food service & kitchen cleanup.

Wildflower Committee