Hunter Education Program

A Hunter Education course is held at the Chapter twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall prior to the opening of hynting season in Maryland.   This course is held on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 4:00pm at the BCC-IWLA Chapter house and grounds.  The fee for the two day course is $10.00.  When you register, an information packet will be sent to you.

Advanced registration is required. To register for this course, contact John Lamb at (301) 642-2731 or by e-mail at

Course dates for Spring are usually the 1st weekend in May.

Course dates for Fall are usually the 1st weekend in September.

Check with John Lamb, look in the chapter newsletter, or check the chapter online calendar HERE.

If you wish to volunteer to help with the course and obtain some work hour credit, contact Chief Instructor John Lamb at (301) 642-2731.