Forestry Managmt.

The B-CC IWLA provides many opportunities for its members to become actively incolved in the Chapter's ongoing Forestry Program by planting trees, maintaing 26-plus miles of trails, and serving on various Ad Hoc Committees that are responsible for maintaing and conserving our woodlands.

Since 2009 B-CC IWLA members have planted over 2,500 native hardwood trees in old depleted agricultural fields and restored miles of hiking trails throughout the Chapter's Conservation Farm. (Click here to see more on our member's efforts to conserve our woodlands)

Contact the B-CC IWLA Forstry Committee HERE



In 2012 the B-CC IWLA completed its "Forest Management And Stewardship Plan" for the 623-acre Conservation Farm and submitted the plan to the Montgomery County Planning Commission's. (Click here to download a copy of the Forest Management and Stewardship Plan).


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